10/7/13 - The Man Behind the Birdcage Top Hat


The gentleman you see depicted in the accompanying image appears on many of our products, including our refrigerator magnets, t-shirts, tote bags and coffee mugs. It’s a curious photo, to say the least.

You may be asking yourself the obvious question: What is the story behind picture?

Well, to the best of our ability to completely make stuff up, the man pictured is none other than Nathaniel “Natty” Pepín, famed sparrow trainer and notorious absinthe “enthusiast”.

During the heady days of the Industrial Revolution, Natty made a name for himself in London’s West End with his penchant for adorning his wardrobe with live birds and water fowl. Pictured here with his signature birdcage hat, he dreamed of a day when man and bird could live together in harmony, free to legally marry and breed a hybrid race of “man-birds”. Sadly, he died of dysentery before his dream could be realized.


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